Analyzing JMeter Performance reports

 Parameters considered in JMeter Performance testing : CPU usage Memory usage - Memory leakages, thread leakage All queues and IO waits Bottlenecks - Memory, cache, process, processor, disk and network Network Usage - Bytes, packets, segments, frames received and sent per sec,   Bytes Total/sec, Current Bandwidth Connection Failures, Connections Active, failures at Network interface lever … Continue reading Analyzing JMeter Performance reports


Git – Simplest Tutorial

Setup Download git for OSX Download git for Windows Download git for Linux create a new repository create a new directory, open it and perform a git init to create a new git repository. checkout a repository create a working copy of a local repository by running the command git clone /path/to/repository when using a … Continue reading Git – Simplest Tutorial

Gradle – How to Display Test Results in the Console in Real Time

Problem Statement: Most of the times we would like to see test results ( system.out/err, log messages from components being tested ) as they run in the same console I run: And not wait until tests are done to look at the test reports. Solution :  OR We can use Gradle Test Logger Plugin to … Continue reading Gradle – How to Display Test Results in the Console in Real Time

Maven – Running Maven offline using local Repository

Sometimes you see Maven downloading POM files for dependencies which are already in your local repository and you're wondering why it does this. Downloading: 0.95.pom Downloading: ommons/1.3.1/xmlgraphics-commons-1.3.1.pom Downloading: /1.7/batik-svg-dom-1.7.pom The reason it does is because when these were installed in the local repository, it was not given a flag of -Dgenerate.pom=true If you … Continue reading Maven – Running Maven offline using local Repository

How to publish Codenarc report for Gradle project in Jenkins

If you are trying to generate Codenarc reports for Gradle Groovy project and publish them in Jenkins then you would require the following configuration: build.gradle apply plugin: 'codenarc' ... dependencies { codenarc 'org.codenarc:CodeNarc:0.21' ... } codenarc { configFile = file('config/codenarc/codenarc.groovy') // sourceSets = [project.sourceSets.main] // run codenarc on production sources only ignoreFailures = true // … Continue reading How to publish Codenarc report for Gradle project in Jenkins

Running Gradle script on Bamboo

I came across this issue while running Geb tests using Gradle build script on Bamboo CI. The firefox browser would fail with error: " org.openqa.selenium.firefox.NotConnectedException: Unable to connect to host on port 7055 after 45000 ms. Firefox console output: Error: cannot open display: 1.0 I followed a lot of forums and blog posts for … Continue reading Running Gradle script on Bamboo