Gradle – How to Display Test Results in the Console in Real Time

Problem Statement:

Most of the times we would like to see test results ( system.out/err, log messages from components being tested ) as they run in the same console I run:

gradle test

And not wait until tests are done to look at the test reports.

Solution :

import org.gradle.api.tasks.testing.logging.TestExceptionFormat
import org.gradle.api.tasks.testing.logging.TestLogEvent

tasks.withType(Test) {
    testLogging {
        // set options for log level LIFECYCLE
        events TestLogEvent.FAILED,
        exceptionFormat TestExceptionFormat.FULL
        showExceptions true
        showCauses true
        showStackTraces true

        // set options for log level DEBUG and INFO
        debug {
            events TestLogEvent.STARTED,
            exceptionFormat TestExceptionFormat.FULL
        } =
        info.exceptionFormat = debug.exceptionFormat

        afterSuite { desc, result ->
            if (!desc.parent) { // will match the outermost suite
                def output = "Results: ${result.resultType} (${result.testCount} tests, ${result.successfulTestCount} successes, ${result.failedTestCount} failures, ${result.skippedTestCount} skipped)"
                def startItem = '|  ', endItem = '  |'
                def repeatLength = startItem.length() + output.length() + endItem.length()
                println('\n' + ('-' * repeatLength) + '\n' + startItem + output + endItem + '\n' + ('-' * repeatLength))


We can use Gradle Test Logger Plugin to print beautiful logs on the console.


 plugins {
 id 'com.adarshr.test-logger' version ''

Make sure you always get the latest version from Gradle Central.


You don’t need any configuration at all. However, the plugin offers a few options. This can be done as follows (default values shown):

testlogger {
theme 'standard' // pick a theme - mocha, standard or plain
showExceptions true // set to false to disable detailed failure logs
slowThreshold 1000 // set threshold in milliseconds to highlight slow tests
showSummary true // displays a breakdown of passes, failures and skips along with total duration

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